Mariska Mallee

Since childhood, Mariska has felt that the Earth is a very beautiful place and she is concerned about the pollution and exploitation of nature. For the past ten years, her artworks have clearly spoken about her dream: A new earth. She uses her paintings and drawings to build sustainable cities and societies. She is inspired by mathematics, quantum mechanics, space travel, architecture, new sustainable technologies, circular economy, but above all consciousness, the connection with nature, the earth. This creates Gaudi/Escher-like works with staggered perspectives, which take the viewer further into their own dream.

Mariska graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She had her own gallery in Voorburg for 10 years. Here each period a different artist presented his or her work in the shop window (KunstRaam). In addition, she has been teaching drawing and painting at home and abroad for more than 35 years.