Sofie Clavaux Art and Lighting

Sofie Clavaux

Sofie inherited her passion for art from her mother. In the early years of her childhood, her mother’s studio was at home, where she spent many hours. From the moment, she could hold pencils and brushes she started drawing and painting. Throughout her childhood, she has been focused on art and creativity.

In addition to art, she has a huge passion for interior design, especially lighting. Art and lighting are the most important elements for her to get the right atmosphere in a room. Especially the effect that light can make in a room is something that regularly makes her heart skip a beat. Sofie is someone who works from her feelings and intuition. She is in love with every piece of art and lamp she buys or makes.

She draws inspiration for her work from various sources, such as Renaissance work, design from the early 1900s (Art Nouveau and Art Deco), types of wood and a touch of Rock ‘n Roll.

Sofie has completed a five-year preliminary education at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague via the SvJT. She then obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Economics at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.